Don’t Judge

You don’t realize how many people you see everyday, how many people who pass you and have things going through their mind that you will never have any clue about…

Doesn’t that scare you? Aren’t you worried that you have no idea who you attend school with, who you work with.

How do you know if that girl who looks like they are all put together actually is? What if their dad is touching them inappropriately? What if their mom had a miscarriage or maybe they’re family has no money.

What about that boy who dresses in rags? What if his parents just got laid off from their jobs? Maybe he has been passed around foster home to foster home?

What about the star athlete who seems like they are the perfect person? How do you know they aren’t actually really lonely because their parents work too much and forget about their kids? Maybe they use sexual actions to fill that hole.

Look at me I walk around like I am okay, but on the inside I feel like breaking down and balling every single day…. You wouldn’t know that because I never show it. I want the people around me to be happy and I would do anything to cheer my friends up even if that means hiding my pain. I use to use sex filling that hole that I thought was never going to close. I thought that if I had a guy calling me beautiful once it was better than nothing.

I realize now that nothing is better than giving myself away because I missed some guy so much.

He has moved on with his life and it is my turn to move on too.

Things will get better but it always starts with who you are and who you want to be.

Don’t judge others because you don’t know their full stories.

Show love all the time!






I love coffee that is all you need to know

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