A Letter to my Bully

I just want to start out by saying I don’t hate you. My heart hurts for you and I am so sorry that you are hurting so badly. I pray everyday that things will get better for you.

Forgiveness is not easy and it has been really hard for me. I don’t want a fresh start with you, I don’t want to talk to you. You hurt me. I don’t know if things between us will ever be okay, but sometimes it is just easier to let go. I know we all make mistakes and we aren’t perfect, but guilt does all somehow.

I can’t tell you how much it hurt my heart when you did all of the things you did to me. I can’t keep this anger pent-up anymore, I’m not forgiving you but I am letting the anger and the feeling of revenge go. I don’t want to hear “I’m sorry”, because by now it’s too late. Just know I’m thinking about you and God is looking over you.

I want to thank you thank you for teaching me that I am stronger than I thought I could ever be, as much as you were about ready to push me over the edge I fought for myself.

So thank you, and I hope that maybe one day you will change, that maybe one day you will have gotten the help for your own personal hurting.

– Callie



I love coffee that is all you need to know

7 thoughts on “A Letter to my Bully

  1. Did the person ever try to apologize? To me, I was so passive to people who were mean to me that sometimes they didn’t even know how bad it hurt. I feel it would be helpful for an apology in my case but to some people we haven’t talked in years or I’m not willing to talk to anymore

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