To My Future Self

So, we have to write a letter to either our future self or past self and I feel like it will probably be easier to write to my future self while I am in a good place of mind so I don’t mess up my plans for next year! Here goes nothing.

Dear future self,

Graduating early is hard.

& You probably feel like it will never be the end.

But honestly,

you will probably miss it when it is gone, so slow down just a little.

Enjoy it.

I know it sucks and the people are immature but you aren’t. You WILL do amazing this year. Be positive and be kind to others. Do your work and what you need done. Stay out of the drama! It isn’t worth it. Especially since you only have one semester this year!!

Do your best and love everyone- even if they aren’t your biggest fan!


Date: 2/7/17



I love coffee that is all you need to know

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