How do I put this into words? What do I say when there’s really nothing left to say?

 “Constantly having dreams about the same person indicates that this person is either consciously or subconsciously on the dreamer’s mind a lot. The continuous dreams can be a sign that the dreamer has unresolved business with the person or has not been forthcoming about the dreamer’s true feelings”

Could this be possible? It has happened a lot recently and I cannot figure out why. Over and over again I see him in my dreams….

Oh yes, I forget you don’t know this “him.” Let me tell you. 

Lets name him Bo, Bo and I dated for about two years. It was a good one year at least I thought… Then things got hard, fast. Next thing you know there is constant yelling, more secrets. It was like we went from a high school couple to a marriage couple of 10 years. 

What happened? 

We broke up April of 2016. After fighting and cheating and lying. 

I’m glad we ended when we did, even though I miss him and I will always love him because we had a connection. But in reality it was an unhealthy toxic relationship. We lost ourselves.

Now, I am doing amazing. I have improved in school, I am focused on myself and I am looking towards my future. It feels great to do it on my own. Without a second person holding me back, or even me holding him back from his future. 

We both deserve great futures, which is why I am so confused on why I am dreaming about him… It wears me out to continuesly think about him.

Feel free to comment if you are in the same boat and we can work through it together!

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